Cafeteria & School Lunch Services

Food & Stuff can provide a professional catering experience at your school or business space. We offer bespoke menus right in your own cafeteria. Food & Stuff currently runs on-site cafeterias for the United States Embassy and the International School of Kigali, Rwanda.

Please contact us at with inquiries.

United States Embassy

We run the US Embassy cafeteria for Breakfast & Lunch and all-day beverages and snacks Monday – Friday.

International School of Kigali, Rwanda

At ISKR, Food & Stuff not only promotes healthy eating with nutritional value, but also reflects quality and emphasizes enjoyment.

We believe that food is an important part of a child’s development, an opportunity for children to experience a wide range of foods from around the world, making lunch an exciting part of the school day.

ISKR School Lunch Menu

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