Meet the team

Debby Leatt and Maxine Silsby

Debby and Maxine

Debby Leatt – I was born in Zimbabwe and trained in South Africa before moving to the UK for 8 years. I started as a Commi Chef and worked my way up the ladder to become a Head Chef for an international company. Moving to Rwanda was certainly a life changing experience, one I love! Starting up the business in Kigali has given me the opportunity to use my years of experience  and bring culinary delights from around the World to a market that is ready to try something new. Food is what I am passionate about, both in cooking and passing on my knowledge to those keen to learn. Working for yourself is a big bonus! Hard at times but very awarding.

My food Heaven is meat! (any kind but if I had to pick a favourite Fillet Steak!!)
My food Hell is olives!!! (nasty things!)

Maxine Silsby – I spent the first few decades of my life in the UK training and working in the hospitality sector. Like Debby I worked my way to the top as General Manager for a variety of luxury boutique hotels. After what I like to call my mid life criss, I discovered Rwanda and the amazing opportunities open to hard working professionals. The best things about my role in the company here in Rwanda is variety and excitement (you never know what is round the corner!) I get to use all my skills in a wide range of ways: consulting on a new and established businesses, teaching hospitality students, planning functions just the way I like them (I am a fussy bod then it comes to standards and attention to detail) and plan ahead for the future of Food & Stuff! How lucky am I?

My food Heaven is cheese (a bit limiting here in Rwanda!)
My food Hell is brussel spouts (well if I am honest most green things apart from Avocados!)

Meet the Team

We are a team of 16 strong. All Food & Stuff team members are trained to the highest of standards in both kitchen preparation and service delivery. We strive for excellence in all we do, whilst ensuring our team are continually developed to improve their skills within the business.

We are very proud of them all!

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