ISKR School Lunches

This page is for parents to provide you with all the update to information on the school lunches served at ISKR.

Food & Stuff have developed an ever – changing hot lunch menu with vegetarian options. Food & Stuff not only promotes healthy eating with nutritional value, but also reflects quality and emphasizes enjoyment.

We believe that food is an important part of a child’s development, an opportunity for children to experience a wide range of foods from around the world, making lunch an exciting part of the school day.

A monthly menu will be circulated via email and downloadable from this web site so you know what your child is eating each day.

For payment we will notify you when will we be at the school to take payment, normally the last three days of the month. We accept cash francs and USD, cheques, payment via bank transfer and visa.

If your child is sick please SMS 0782 138 747 before 8am and we will deduct the missed lunch the following month.

December/January Menu

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